The old kafane (taverns) in Šabac


Photo by National Museum in Šabac

1 - 10 participants

Period: September, October, November, December

Starts/Ends: Šabac( by Monument of medals)

Start time: 8:00 p.m.

Duration: cca 3 hours

PRICE: 10.00 € per person

The price includes:

-the professional tour guide

-one drink at  kafana. Must be 18 years of age to participate. ID required.


During our tour of the old taverns(kafane) in Šabac,we will remmember the places where the most famous Šabac taverns  were and what kind of events happened in them.

Tavern in Šabac was the first cultural institution in town,and from it  the school,library,theater,cinema,and the mausem were created.

An old saying: " To a tavern and Paris you cant simply go with anyone", that rule was  very important for taverns in Šabac, which were always divided to the elite "european" ones and the regular ones. To taverns in Šabac you must go prepared beforehand, in them you study "kafanologiju" the so called "tavernology",and the guests come out as "kafanlozi" the so called "tavernologists" - people with rich tavern knowledge and experience,which could be only obtained in the eminent taverns of the city Sabac.

Between the two world wars Šabac  had about 150 taverns.In those taverns guests gambled,schemed,made balls,costume balls,and by the Belgrade press at the time,"Not even Belgrade had that much fun".

The famous tavern life of Šabac attracted even kings who came to those same taverns to gamble, and as they gambled they lost a lot of money and became indebted to the tavern, debts they never paid back.

Ladies who attended balls and parties in the taverns would show off their dresses that followed the latest fashion in Paris.In the taverns of Šabac love was born,riches were lost and guests awaited the dawn with music bands who entertained them through the night.

"Tour of the old taverns in Šabac" is a walk through true Sabacs history,which will remind you of the old times when the guests of the taverns were Vojislav Ilic Mladji, Isidora Sekulic, king Milan Obrenovic, Feliks Kanic and Robert Tolinger...

Dear and respected tavernologists,

We await for you so we can together explore the world of the old taverns in Šabac!

Author and tourist guide of the thematic tour : Ana Pavlovic, Licensed tourist guide

Warning: We do not guide drunk kafanologe!

Photo by National Museum in Šabac


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